Top 20 Trucking Companies to Work For in The USA 2021

The trucking industry is one of the most popular career choices today. Businesses in all sectors hire truck drivers to deliver their goods across various distances. The job involves driving trucks and other vehicles, which require special licenses (for instance, if a driver intends to move interstate). Trucking is undoubtedly one of the most challenging careers with lots of hard work and long hours. However, there's considerable money to be made in the profession.

The list below covers some of the best trucking companies in America which you can use to find one that would be a good fit for you.

1. Universal Logistics Holdings

Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc. is a full-service provider of customized transportation and logistics solutions throughout North America and in selected South American countries that have been around since the 1930s. With headquarters located near Detroit, Michigan, the NASDAQ Global Market Exchange lists it on their board (NASDAQ: ULH). Universal generates more than $1 billion worth of revenue annually from its broad range of international transport services for trade partners worldwide.

2. Dayton Freight

Dayton Freight is a private, union-free LTL freight carrier headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, that strives to provide the best service possible for its customers. Founded in 1981 and with 54 Service Centers located throughout the Midwestern region of our country (Ohio), they offer one or 2-day shipping services to thousands of points within 13 states. With an emphasis on company-owned facilities and culture based around professionalism, positivity, and people centering qualities, we attribute their growth success due to employees' dedication and loyalty from customers/business partners.

3. Old Dominion Freight Line

In 1934, Old Dominion Freight Line started as a single truck running along an eight-mile route. Nowadays, it's one of the largest freight companies on earth, and if you're looking to start your career with them, they have positions waiting for you! The values that drove their founders decades ago still inspire employees today - take their customer service team who keeps customers satisfied every day by providing exceptional services.

4. XPO logistics

XPO Logistics is an American freight transportation company that helps shippers manage their supply chains most efficiently. Their global network of 744 locations and about 44,000 team members help customers move goods through their advanced technology. Their corporate headquarters are located in Greenwich, Connecticut where they were founded more than 25 years ago to provide fast access across the country for over-the-road trucking companies by building a bridge between trucks coming from west coast ports and those on east coasts with inland destinations.

5. YRC Freight

YRC Freight is a company that specializes in transporting industrial, commercial, and retail goods throughout North America. The company was formed from the merger of Yellow Transportation with Roadway (which were founded respectively in 1924 and 1930). YRC Freight has led this industry for over 90 years because it provides solutions to businesses through its advanced information technologies and proactive customer service.

6. Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation is an American trucking company that offers various services in intermodal transportation, logistics, and supply chain solutions. Recently the carrier expanded its refrigerated freight business by acquiring Central Refrigerated Service. 

Swift Transportation operates with 19,600 individuals across three subsidiaries: Central Refrigerated Service division; Swift Intermodal, which focuses on containerized shipping through railroads or ship lines; and has been named one of America's Top 100 Truckers for six consecutive years since 2007-2012. The combined fleet consists of 18000 tractors, 57 300 trailers, 8 700 containers, making it the largest US road transport carrier!

7. May Trucking Company

The May Trucking Company has the most skilled and dedicated team of professional drivers on the road. With the stability that exceeds 75 years, their drivers are why they have grown so successful in business. 

The company aims to improve quality of life for all its employees by ensuring optimum equipment, pay rates above average industry standards, proper benefits packages without sacrificing safety or income limits; this is done through efficient operations planning and load management, which allows each driver to maximize work-life balance while still maximizing earnings potentials. May Trucking's Dry Freight Division operates in 11 western states.

8. USAT Capacity Solutions

USAT Capacity Solutions is committed to providing innovative solutions behind the strength of one of America's largest over-the-road TL fleets, including USA Truck and Davis Transfer Company. Their extensive experience in transporting goods from manufacturers across a wide variety of industries has afforded them relationships with nearly 25% of Fortune 100 companies.

9. Werner Enterprises

In 1956, after purchasing his first Ford-powered truck, CL Werner set out on a journey that would take him from regional hauling to the 5th largest asset-based logistics provider in America.

Today, Werner Enterprises provides transportation and logistics services worldwide for many different types of companies. 

They have grown our business by always putting safety above all else while treating others with respect at every opportunity.

10. Prime Inc.

Prime Inc., North America's most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal carrier, provides safe, on-time service to its expanding international customer base. 

Prime Drivers are given resources such as the Driver Health & Fitness Program, which helps them live healthier lives whether out or at home. Prime is leading green transportation in sustainable supply chains across the United States.

11. J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., a transportation and logistics company based in Lowell, Arkansas, was founded by Johnnie Bryan Hunt and Jannelle Hunt on August 10th, 1961, to provide quality services for companies across America. In 1983, it had grown into the 80th largest trucking firm in the US, earning 623 million USD revenue while operating 550 tractors 1049 trailers and having roughly 1050 employees at that time. The primary focus is providing safe & efficient transport services throughout the North American continent, including Canada, Mexico, etc.

12. US Xpress

In 1986, Max Fuller and Patrick Quinn founded US Xpress with just 48 trucks. They achieved a lot in one year by thinking of custom solutions for customers and hiring motivated experts that delivered personalized customer service. In fact, they were named the third fastest-growing private truckload carrier company nationwide in 1987, according to Inc Magazine!

13. CRST The Transportation Solution

Herald and Miriam Smith started a transport company out of an old chicken coop in 1955, with no trucks or customers. Smitty convinced firms that he would save them money by contracting drivers to return from Chicago full of steel rather than empty-handed. The family business has since evolved into one of the nation's leading providers for transportation solutions today!

14. New Penn

New Penn is a regional less-than-truckload motor carrier that provides reliable, next-day service through its network of 24 locations. The company operates 850 tractors and 1700 trailers to complete deliveries throughout the Northeast United States and parts of Canada with partner carriers. New Penn employs more than 2000 people to increase efficiency among all operations while maintaining high customer satisfaction by emphasizing innovation across the industry.

15. Southeastern Freight Lines

Southeastern Freight Lines is a small company that has experienced rapid growth since its founding in 1950. It now operates 88 service centers and employs more than 2,500 people with about 500 vehicles on the road at all times; it primarily delivers to customers within one day of order receipt using an extensive network of transportation partners covering many US states outside the southern region, including New York City and Chicago.

16. AAA Cooper Transportation

A multi-regional transportation company, AAA Cooper Transportation is a Knight-Swift subsidiary. The business offers various services, including LTL freight transport and truckload solutions, brokerage, fleet maintenance service, dedicated contracts (carriage), and international shipping options to over 500+ destinations worldwide.

17. Roadrunner Freight

Road Runner Transportation Services was founded in 1984. Roadrunner Freight is committed to providing high-quality, customer-focused LTL services, and they are driven by the motto of "ship it as you own it." Their 29 service centers work with strategic partners across the country to provide expansive long haul, regional next day delivery.

18. Anderson Trucking Service

Anderson Trucking Service is a family-owned business that offers many different types of transportation services. The company monitors over 75,000 trucks and more than 48,000 carriers. It focuses on transporting heavy equipment such as wind energy in its Specialized unit while offering dry van truckload service with Van Solutions and international freight forwarding through logistics services for manufacturers.

19. RUAN

Ruan, a family-owned company that has been around since 1932, provides transportation management and supply chain solutions. They use non-asset and asset-based technologies to provide these services with optimal results. Ruan employs 6,000 team members across 300 operations nationwide who work hard every day to make the business successful for years ahead.

20. Cardinal

Cardinal is an award-winning top 10 dedicated contract carrier and a top 25 logistics provider that offers fleet outsourcing, transportation management, last-mile services, and integrated transportation IT solutions.


In conclusion, trucking is a great place to work for the foreseeable future. The industry has always been competitive and will continue to be in the years ahead. Please keep your eyes peeled for these top 20 companies that you might want to apply with, as they are some of America’s best trucking companies!