9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

December 13, 2021

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers

It’s that time of the year again when we show love to the ones we care for by sending them gifts we know they’ll appreciate. So, if you’ve been thinking of the thoughtful gift ideas your truck driver loved one would appreciate, we got you covered.

Here are 9 gift ideas for truck drivers:

1. Comfortable Seat Cushion

Sitting on a spot for too long is a disadvantage of truck driving. But sitting for too long on uncomfortable seats is next to a death sentence. That’s when all sorts of pain in the back, the neck, the legs, and the arms come trooping in. 

Here’s something that’s not mentioned enough: Comfortable seat cushions can go a long way in preserving the life of a truck driver, as it protects them from forcing their bodies to drive in postures that could damage their bodies. 

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  • 2. Bluetooth Headset

    Truckers need both hands when they’re driving. And they also need to maintain communication between themselves and their fleet managers at all times. It can also be lonely in the truck, and talking to you while they’re on the road is not completely off the table. 

    But they can’t do all these if they constantly have to park their truck to make calls. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can also cause them to log fewer miles and get paid less.

    And this is where a Bluetooth headset comes in.

    With a Bluetooth headset, truck drivers can easily communicate with anyone and everyone they intend to communicate with without getting distracted or wasting their time. They can also jam their favorite songs when they are not talking to anyone.

    Trucker Daily did a full review of the Best Bluetooth Headset for Truck Drivers.  You can check it out by clicking the button below!

    3. Personalized Sunglasses

    Driving sometimes requires that you drive with the sun right ahead of you. But with a nice pair of sunglasses, you can keep the bright rays from obstructing your vision… and also look cool, of course. 

    But you know what’s better than sunglasses? Personalized sunglasses! The one that has the truck driver’s name meticulously etched on its frame.

    4. Massage gun

    Sitting on a spot for hours unending is part of the job for truck drivers. But unfortunately, it could also be the undoing of truckers who don’t take care of themselves. 

    A sedentary lifestyle restructures your joints and muscles in such a way it distorts your posture and sentences you to constant pain. But with a massage gun in hand, your truck driver loved one can massage away every pain and stress in their muscles after a long drive. 

    Apart from keeping you healthy and free from pain, using the massage gun also feels good on the body.

    5. Headlight Flashlight

    Here’s a truck driver secret you probably don’t know: Searching for items when it gets dark and not finding it quickly can make a truck driver grumpy. Especially if it’s after a long drive. And as for OTR drivers, driving after it gets dark is not completely off the table. 

    With headlight flashlights, truck drivers can simply fit the light on their heads and be able to see around them. They find what they’re looking for on time and they are less grumpy. And Ultimately, they are happy truck drivers.

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  • 6. Audible Membership / Amazon Kindle Reader

    If your trucker friend is an avid reader, you can never go wrong with this gift idea. The advantage of audiobooks like Audible is that they allow you to listen to your favorite book without engaging your hands and eyes. This is why it is perfect for truck drivers, as they can listen to their books while driving. Depending on the plan you choose, Audible costs from $149.5 to $229.5 annually.

    Amazon Kindle is also for books, especially when your trucker loved one is on a break. They can relax in their cab and get themselves lost in the alternate universe of their books. 

    7. Snack Basket

    Irrespective of whether your trucker friend is an OTR driver or not, no one is above some healthy snacks now and then. Packing a basket full of the snacks they love is a huge statement of care and affection, as it makes them think about you in gratitude after every bite.

    However, ensure the snacks are healthy. Spending most of their time sitting means they don’t get to exercise very often and burn calories. So you have to make sure whatever snacks you pick are going to help them and not kill them.

    8. Meal Prep Containers

    Meal preps and most OTR truck drivers are best friends. It can be quite expensive and inconvenient for truck drivers to stop at restaurants and fast-food chains to get their meals/snacks. And in situations where they’re driving through lonely roads, they may remain hungry till they hit the next food stop. 

    To avoid situations like these, OTR truck drivers resort to meal preps. And prepped meals are stored in meal prep containers. 

    The more meal prep containers a trucker has, the more meals they can prep, and the more creative they can get with their meals. This is why meal prep containers are one of the best gifts you could give a truck driver.

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  • 9. Warm Blanket

    It can get cold in the truck's cab when your truck driver friend is trying to get some sleep. But by giving them a warm blanket, you are not only keeping them away from the cold, but you’re also making sure they have a nice rest as they prepare for their next shift.

    To take it up a notch, we suggest checking out weighted blanket options for extra comfort and to take advantage of the calming effects.

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  • What If You Don’t Want Any of the Items On This List?

    We’re sorry you didn’t find something you would like to give your trucker friend on our list. But we wouldn’t just leave you hanging, no. Here are some tips to help you pick a gift yourself:

    1. Give them something they need for their jobs

    You can never go wrong with this, as you would be giving them something they use for their job or during their job. You can get some ideas from this essential packing list for truck drivers.

    2. Think about something they mentioned

    Have they mentioned something they would like to have in passing? Think. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. If they mentioned it, they would like to have it and it would mean the world to them that you remembered.

    3. Personalized Anything

    But if you still can’t think of anything, think of personalizing anything. You could make a cartoon portrait of them, a customized shirt, or even personalized gloves. And by personalization, we simply mean etching their names beautifully on the gift item. You may then add some nice words if you want.


    Giving out gifts is one of the universal love languages, and your truck driver is sure to appreciate the effort. But they would appreciate it more if you put a little more effort into giving them something they would like. And we hope the truck driver gift ideas we suggested are of immense help in making this season special for you and them!

    Happy holidays!

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