What Size Mattress Fits in a Truck Sleeper Cab?

November 15, 2022

Trucking businesses vary greatly based on the distance they haul freight as well as the number of locations their scope of operation covers. And for companies transporting cargo over long distances, trucks need to include sleeper cabs to make the trip convenient for the driver and more cost-effective for the trucking business.

The sleeper cab is a term that refers to a compartment attached behind the cabin of a truck or tractor unit used for rest or sleeping. Sleeper cabs vary in terms of how many features they incorporate. For instance, an extended cab’s features typically consist of a mini freezer, stovetop, sink, storage cabinet, heater, air conditioner, and bathroom. On the other hand, standard sleeper cabs only integrate significant amenities, such as a mattress.

But how exactly do you recognize what size mattress fits in a sleeper cab?

Typically, the size of a semi-truck mattress is around 80 inches long and 40 inches wide. While this is a prevalent dimension for truck mattresses, it, however, does not represent a standard dimension, as none exists.

Hence, opting for a mattress should depend on certain factors, some of which we will highlight in this article.

Available Mattrass Sizes For Sleeper Cabs

Trucker’s use a small/medium size area in the back of their rig as a designated sleeping area known as a “Sleeper”

Typically, sleeper cabs are incorporated by the manufacturer as part of a truck’s design and functionality. As such, there are varying dimensions of this compartment and, consequently, varying sizes of mattresses that can fit into them. For instance, while trucks like Kenworth and Volvo opt for a modest and functional sleeper cab, manufacturers such as Peterbilt feature some of the biggest and most luxurious ones.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a range of dimensions available for standardized truck mattresses. And while the most common ones are 42’’x80″ in dimension, some other common sizes include the following;

  • 38’’x80’’
  • 36’’x76’’
  • 35’’x79’’
  • 32’’x79’’
  • 60’’x80’’

Selecting A Mattress Size

It is important to select a mattress for your rig that fits into the mattress compartment comfortably.

With a wide selection of semi-truck models in the market and rich competition between different automobile manufacturers, there is no specific option regarding a sleeper cab mattress. Some truck models use the same mattress size; however, most opt for particular specifications based on the intended functionality.

Most new trucks come fitted with mattresses; hence, you can skip identifying the perfect size to fit into your sleeper cab. Nonetheless, it gets more complicated when truckers look to acquire sleeper cab mattresses for customization or replacement purposes. If you find yourself in this bracket, here are some things to consider before choosing a mattress.

  1. Perfect Fit

Evidently, this should be the first consideration to make before selecting a mattress. It is essential to recognize how much space you have, given that there are no specific classifications of mattress sizes for sleeper cabs. Prior to selecting a mattress, truckers should start by measuring the width and length of the sleeping cab. While these are the most critical dimensions, it’s also wise to consider the height to improve headroom.

The limited space available in a sleeper cab makes it pretty complicated to measure accurately. It’s also common for sleeper cabs to have a shape different from a typical rectangle. Hence, it is crucial to understand how to measure a truck mattress. The following tips would help in accurately measuring your sleeper cab area.

  • Measure the bed’s length on both sides
  • Measure the bed’s width at three different spots; the head, middle, and end – the more spots used for measurement, the more accurate the result.
  • Measure the bed’s width at the head and foot
  • Measure the height you want the bed to finish off the floor.

Recognizing what size mattress fits in a sleeper cab doesn’t always have to be a headache. With these tips, you will be able to accurately measure your sleeper cab area and identify the perfect fit.

  1. Proper Support

A significant factor to consider in selecting the perfect mattress for your sleeper cab is its support level. Truckers, especially those who engage in long-haul services, are prone to severe back pain. According to recent studies, 81% of truck drivers suffer from musculoskeletal pains due to the nature of their profession.

Different precautionary actions have been taken to mitigate the risks and ease the issue of back pains among truckers. One practical step is opting for mattresses with proper support, reducing back pains and offering truck drivers better sleep.

  1. Personal Preference

Everyone has different preferences regarding different things, and regarding mattresses, our choices might develop from how we usually sleep. For instance, side sleepers prefer mattresses with medium firmness as it allows the spine to stay aligned with the hips and shoulders while sleeping.

On the other hand, back sleepers prefer a firmer mattress to ensure their backs are not curved too much. For stomach sleepers, the most firm mattress offers perfect sleep. As such, you should always consider your sleep style before opting for a bed

  1. Durability

Needless to say, selecting a new mattress for your sleeper cab is more complex. Trucks are constantly on the move, which exposes truck mattresses to a lot more wear and tear than traditional mattresses. As such, you should always consider durability and opt for a bed designed to stand the test of time. 

You should select mattresses made from the best quality materials and with a strong warranty. It would be best if you also opted for manufacturers with a proven track record in producing efficient and durable mattresses.

  1. Budget

Budget is always a significant factor in procurement, and with sleeper cab mattresses featuring a smaller design compared to traditional mattresses, you can expect to pay a bit less. Nonetheless, the price range for truck mattresses still varies greatly depending on the size, quality, and manufacturer.

Hence, you should identify how much you’re willing to spend and search for one that matches your budget. A mattress’s quality increases with the price; thus, you tend to get what you pay for.

Aside from these factors, some truckers also pay attention to certain features that improve comfort. Some possible comfort features include mattresses with in-built cooling technology, contouring mattresses, and mattresses that offer motion isolation.

Selecting a mattress for your sleeper cab might be slightly complex; however, it does allow you to customize your space with the perfect bed. With this much knowledge of truck mattresses, you can take preventive measures against all forms of back pains and set up your truck to foster a more convenient long-haul operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the common size for a truck mattress?

Mattresses with a dimension of 80 inches in length and 40 inches in width will fit into the sleeper cab of most trucks. That said, some trucks could feature a smaller or larger cab which also affects just how much room you’ll have for a mattress.

What size mattress is in an 18-wheeler?

The term 18-wheeler is another way of describing semi-trucks; hence, the most common dimension is a 40’’x80’’ mattress. However, other sizes can also fit based on the sleeper cab’s size.

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